How to ensure non-contamination of your food?

The preparation of our dishes will be made by the employees with their current situation, properly monitored by the measurement of the temperature, with a uniform disinfected and, in the kitchen is also ready to manufacture the safe disinfection of utensils, and countertops, and complied with all the requirements of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

How to ensure non-contamination of the packaging of Take-Away?

The orders will remain in sealed bags (in the place clean), which will be open to the house, and shall be destroyed or disinfected immediately.

An employee who is going to make a delivery at home, you do not have a direct contact with the cook, nor with the area set aside for the production of the order.

How to convey trust and confidence to our customers?

We look forward to the visits of the customers. If you wish, guests can head to any of our facilities, where you will be accompanied by a business, with the necessary precautions for health and safety. We're going to convey trust and confidence to be able to send a interactive standing between the kitchen and the customer.